1. One By One

From the recording PopCycle

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Bruce Moody – Lead and Harmony Vocals, Bass Guitar, Drums, Guitars, Keyboards & Assorted Percussion.
Dolph Chaney –Guitar.
George Palmer – Piano.


We have to take our chances daily to survive
There are no supermen among us in this life
We must keep moving forward
To find our way onward

One By One

Sometimes we break the rules that measure everyone
But as we see ourselves then so do we become
Concealing desperation
Emotional replacement

One By One

I see myself, you see yourself, you and I
People as we try to live our lives
I see my face, you see your face, you and I
Reaching for the answers to survive

We have to try to leave our emptiness behind
We can be strong with good intentions in our minds
And when my life gets caught up
I think of all of us

One By One

© Bruce Moody/ASCAP