Adam Schlesinger tribute April 2020

The music community was shocked by the death of Fountains of Wayne bassist and songwriter Adam Schlesinger on April 1, 2020 from COVID-19. I’d been working with Terry Carolan on mastering my upcoming anthology album so I asked him if he wanted to help me do a sort of tribute video for Adam and he immediately said yes. 

I also contacted two friends of mine in Japan to see if they wanted to contribute as well. Pop N’ Atsushi, bassist for the band Gorilla and Suzu Highmarts, guitarist and vocalist for The Highmarts graciously accepted the offer. 

So, we all got out our cell phones and iPads and videoed our parts for the recording. Terry mixed and mastered the audio track and I edited the video. 

The result was a celebration of playing Adam’s music together to honor him instead of a sad eulogy. I think Adam would have preferred it this way. 

We hope you all enjoy our efforts in honoring our absent friend.