"Forever Fresh!" 23-Song Album

Forever Fresh is a "Select Cuts" album collection of Bruce's power pop tracks from 1979 to 1986.

This album has 23 songs,  all of which have been meticulously

digitally remixed and remastered exclusively for this release!

This album represents the very best audio experience for these songs!

Walkee Talkee FlexiDisc - "Christmas, Merry Christmas" Original 1982 Fan Club Limited Edition - ULTRA RARE!

Only three (3) Mint Condition copies left in stock!

Only $35.00 each!

For Christmas 1982, the song "Christmas, Merry Christmas" was recorded with Walkee Talkee band members Bruce Moody, Danny Kristensen, Rick Richards and Keith Lancaster who also added their own individual Christmas messages to the one-sided record.

Harry Nilsson hand-delivered a copy that I gave to him at Beatlefest '83 for Ringo Starr to consider recording.  I received a nice reply and an autographed photo of both Ringo and Barbara Bach (see photo below) with Ringo saying he didn't have any current recording plans. 

Only 500 Walkee Talkee Eva-Tone Sound Sheets, or Flexi-Discs, were ever pressed.  These bright red flexi-discs were sent out to the group's loyal fan club members as a special "Thank You!" for their support that year. 

These are the only 4 Mint Condition copies known to be in existence today!

The photo Ringo sent to me after receiving the Walkee Talkee sound sheet.

Private Numbers Cassettes

(L to R) "Evidence" released on April 5, 1985, "Echoes of the Invisible World" released on May7, 1987 & "Surface Noise" released in 1989. - ALL SOLD OUT!