1. Turn Away

From the recording PopCycle

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Bruce Moody – Lead and Harmony Vocals, Bass Guitar, Drums, Guitars, Keyboards & Assorted Percussion.
Terry Carolan – Bridge Harmonies.
Copper Bear – Howls, Growls & Barks.


You’re on the trail again
A devoted fan of things absurd
There’s no way you can win
You’re a moving target for cloudy words

And when you undertake so much
So many people feel your touch
Turn away.

You face life with a glance
Never looking where you’re going to
And everything’s a chance
There’s no other way of getting through

The point of reason gests behind
Affecting changes in your mind
Turn away.

No more friendly voices
No pretty music to hear
Taking my life out of context
A sermon for no one to hear

You’re sliding towards the end
Every indication it’s getting worse
There’s no way to pretend
You’re a million miles from planet Earth

From playing instincts as your means
To waking up in lonely dreams
Turn away.

© Bruce Moody/ASCAP