From the recording Forever Fresh!


I Can Make You Happy

I can make you happy before the show is over
If you will understand me girl.

Do you know what it means to feel helpless in your eyes?
The way I look into them tonight.

I’d like to know you better then we could talk together
Go hand in hand forever.
Why can’t you understand me girl?

You’ve got to feel the music
It’s got to take you there.
If you don’t want to know me, why do you stare?

These shining lights can blind you, but I know that you can see
If only you would talk to me.

I can make you happy …


What is he saying? I don't understand a word!
I like the way he plays the guitar!
I hope he loves me!
What is he saying? What is he saying? I don't understand!
What is he saying?

© 1981 Bruce Moody (ASCAP) Laura’s Lullabies