1. Survival

From the recording Forever Fresh!



They put you through the ringer and you still come out alive
To keep running through this life it seems,
You’ve got to learn what it takes to survive
Oooh, what it takes to survive!

You gotta watch those politicians that try to tell you what to choose
When all they ever really do is flash a smile and turn the screw
Oooh, what it takes to survive!

We’re doing our best but we can’t get no rest
It’s in our belief. We just want relief.
And - It’s playing their game that makes it seem so strange
They think it’s a lot, but you know it’s now.

Living with your city dream can make you surely lose your mind
But they tell me even a loser, baby, has got to win out some of the time
Oooh, what it takes to survive!

Damn you Ayatollah and all the fascist powers that be!
Well you can keep your country under thumb, but brother don’t you tread on me!
Oooh, what it takes to survive!

© 1980 Bruce Moody (ASCAP) Laura’s Lullabies