From the recording Forever Fresh!


A.M. Romance

She starts her day with A.M. Romance, God, it’s 5 o’clock!
She hears her lover say “Good morning!” from a tiny box.

He gives her love in the morning. But she wishes he’d wait till the evening time.
AM Romance - Something to pass the day.

She makes her way to work, by now it must be 9 o’clock.
She turns the knob to hear his voice, it puts her back on top.

She knows it’s only a fantasy but he runs away with her heart.
AM Romance - Love across the waves.

Though he may just be a make-believe affair, at least she knows he’ll always be there.

So now she’s home and making dinner wishing he were here.
She reaches for the dial that puts a new voice in her ear.

He’s not at all like the other one but she likes the sound that she’s hearing now.
AM Romance - Programming subject to change.

She listens as she’s getting ready for her thoughts to sleep.
For dreaming of the next day’s dawning gives her soul relief.

She can’t wait for the morning ‘cause her lover’s only a few hours away!
AM Romance - Love across the waves
Across the waves …

© 1981 Bruce Moody (ASCAP) Laura’s Lullabies