From the recording Forever Fresh!


At The Rock Club

Kicking back the rain I go walking downtown
Looking through the papers just to see who’s in town.
There’s a bar on the corner as I go stumbling in
There’s a man on the stage and he looks like a friend.

At the Rock Club

Standing in the crowds as I’m singing out songs
Everything’s in motion, this is where I belong!
There’s a girl near my table but I don’t know her name
She’s says “that’s all right now, I’ll dance just the same! Dance! Dance!”

At the Rock Club

So many people watching the show
So glad I’m here now I know where to go
The place is jumping I don’t wanna go home!

Wherever you’re rockin’ all over this world
You’ll find a lot of places where the boys meet the girls
Put your mind to the music and let those feelings begin
You can come back tomorrow and do it again.

At the Rock Club - HEY!

© 1982 Bruce Moody (ASCAP) Laura’s Lullabies